Girls in Sport is a lifestyle for girls, crossing over borders and sports. We can offer training camps, events, sportswear and accessories. At Girls in Sport we live our dreams and ambitions!
Nice and Easy is our slogan, Nice and Easy is the expression we use to descripe the girls development, intensity at our trainings with special attention given to the technic, tactic, mental and physical elements and there is always place to a smile and general support.
Girls in Sport began as a Danish badminton project in 2011 and has developed as a global brand focusing on the girls physical and mental well being as well as their sports development. Personal advice both on the sport itself and how to plan your day as a sports person is part of our concept.
Girls in Sport began in 2011 under the guidance of Debbie Lynch, who is Scottish, but has lived in Denmark since 1995. She is a qualified elite trainer and has worked both as a junior national and club trainer in badminton. During the last 10 years Debbie has specialised in girls training and is a sought after girls trainer on the international circuit.
Look forward to meeting Debbie, who is active at all the Girls in Sport arrangements with help from top assistants who also believe in high quality events. We can quarantee a high energy event and all are welcome to contact Debbie if you have good ideas that you want to bring to life!

Girls stuff

Girls are often self critical. we expect so much of ourselves. At a mixed boys and girls training, girls very often take a step back and do not ask the questions they feel would make a difference. At our girls only trainings there is place to ask those burning questions , to make mistakes but to also have fun. Girls in Sports meets girls in their own worlds and works with them to improve there self worth, goals and dreams.

Exciting Projects

Have you an idea to your own special event and have need of help to get your ideas into reality? Contact Debbie Lynch on Events can be any forms of sport and activity.


Badminton girls from U9-U17 can seek membership of a Girls in Sport training. The girls train at a high intensity with the main focus on tactic, technic, mental, and strength training. A training is normally one and a half to two hours. Do you have an ambition to be a member of the Girls in Sport team? Just send a mail to Debbie Lynch at, we are looking forward to hearing from you!